Comme d'hab

Today based in Cluj-Napoca (former Transilvania), his work transpires passion and dedication. In the heart of this city, there is a place where different artistic forms seem to converge with the sole purpose of promoting free expression: Colectiva Gazette (@lagazettecluj). It is here where he has been able to develop his work, which breathes delicacy and employment, demonstrating the countless hours invested to inevitably become what we call a "selector".

The compilation is defined by a sway of sounds that fade and reappear in an unpredictable and pleasant way to the listener with an initial ambient and more experimental prologue. The journey comes with a great palette of melodies and pulses that create a feeling of pressure that needs to be released, gradually flowing towards a section more marked by intense bass.

Calin: "I started listening to music for real, like to feel and understand it, when I was 15 I think. Started with the usual rebel stuff, anti social stuff like hardcore rap and then met some people who introduced me to electronic music like jungle, techno, ambient or electro. That's when things started to expand. My mind was begining to make connections and understand people, situations, nature and so on. Becoming a dj or a selector was not something that I wanted on the outside, but it seems that what is inside is more important."