Comme d'hab

Lucas Bartolomé Cebollero (The Onion Man), yearns at every moment for the fresh air of Canfranc, a town in the Aragonese Pyrenees, near the Somport Port, border crossing between Spain and France, origin of his roots which has become his usual private sanctuary.

From Zaragoza (Aragón), he traveled to Barcelona to carry out his Architecture studies, where he spent almost 8 years, evolving his already wide spectrum of musical knowledge, which was characterized by its high degree of world music with special interest on African and Latin American influences.

Always connected with spirituality and nature, he tries to establish a balance between the urban and the rural through activities and intermittent breaks, such as drawing, meditation, picking grapes during the "Vendange" in France or the realization of his final architecture project: "Integration of an abandoned train station in the Canfranc area". He can also be seen picking up leaves from the ground that he works with to express his feelings thorugh art work or even manufacturing his own natural candles (@calderbotanicals) when music gives him a break.

To this day in Berlin, he tells us:

"I believe that the last 10 years, a correlation has been established between the progressive opening of my mind and personal development with the evolution and interest in any musical genre. Thanks to that open mindedness, which has made me go further and further in music as well, I have been getting to know new genres or giving an opportunity to others that, until then, had been kept under lock and key, due to prejudice or ignorance.

Some of the genres that I am discovering and immersing myself lately are tribal-downtempo, trance-techno, acid-rave, 80's ambient-experimental, Eastern European music (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Albania, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Hungary), first waves of Cosmic in Italy, Austria and Germany, Spiritual jazz, Post punk / Wave and EBM.

Within this selection I have tried to create a course through different states of mind, trying to convey what today can happen in many of our heads when we suffer from anxiety or any defense mechanism of our mind, which can never stop and rest. The process of suffering, but also that of healing. This compilation is a journey through some of the songs that have meant the most to me at certain times in my life. Hope you enjoy it."